Current Projects

Tweed Funk

This Milwaukee, Wisconsin 6 piece soul-blues revue is fronted by Joseph "Smokey" Holman, who recorded under Curtis Mayfield in the early 70's. Tweed Funk boasts 5 Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Wins in the last 4 years for the band and its members.

Willy Porter (folk pop)

Member of the Willy Porter Band since 2002. Including tours of North America, drums and percussion on "Available Light" 2006 and "How to Rob a Bank" Tours with Willy in full band setting as well as duo accompaniment on various forms of percussion.

Moloko Shivers

Moloko Shivers-with the intent on creating boundry stretching hard rock that respects the rich heritage of the greats from all genres, they forge music from the soul.


funky lounge-prog..think 70's car chase music

Blank Radio (ambient experimental)

Since 2007 Dave Schoepke and Joey Carini have been leading this all-improvisational experimental revolving cast of musicians and singers that follow in the footsteps of music history's masters, taking the approach that the moment is where the song happens. No pre-arranging or planning of any sort affect the approach nor does any overdubbing take place in song creation and evolution.

photo by Bryan Mir