Milwaukee area Drum Teacher

Private instructor since 1988, teaching all styles from hard rock to Latin, afrobeat, jazz and beyond. All age groups welcome with an emphasis on developing students' creativity while providing the tools for a solid foundation of development. Dave is available for private lessons through Cascio Interstate Music in Milwaukee, WI.

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Testimonials from Past Students

I started taking lessons with Dave at the ripe age of 11. Throughout school, I was involved in Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Marching Band, and a gigging Blues Band. Dave’s tutelage, patience and his ability to adapt to the learning style of his students, helped establish and develop the skills needed for me to be a working musician. Now with hundreds of professional gigs played, Dave’s teaching still comes out in my playing.
- A.J. Dexheimer - Cologne Germany

Dave hipped me to a whole galaxy of interesting music that shaped my development as a drummer, and later on as a producer. He's great at imparting groove, musicality, improvisation, and independence -- everything I value most in my playing today. Besides that, he's a total virtuoso and one of the most underrated drummers out there!
- Jordan Cohen-Chants, Mama Digdown’s Brassband (Madison,Wisconsin)

Lessons with Dave were not only fun, but essential to my musical growth that lead to me become a full time drummer & musician. Dave is a master of the craft who really helps each student excel at the music they’re interested in. In the 6 years I studied with Dave I went from not knowing how to play anything on drums to being accepted into college to study percussion performance. I’m forever thankful and highly recommend Dave to anyone!
- Scott Roush - King Cardinal (Denver, Colorado)

Dave Schoepke introduced me to the study drum set when I was 14 years old and instilled in me a love for the practice. Through his patient and flexible teaching style I was encouraged to move at my own pace through our material together, addressing technical barriers and musical concepts as they related to the music I was playing at the time. As a player, teacher, and mentor, Dave demonstrates versatility and professionalism at every moment, both on and off stage. I continue my own musical pursuance with curiosity, discipline, and humility, all lessons I learned early on from studying with Dave.
- Luke Rivard - Lawrence University graduate, Porky’s Groove Machine, Black Market Brass

Dave was my drum teacher from when I was a kindergartener to when I was a junior in high school. He developed my skills across many musical styles, and is an awesome teacher and musician!
- Austin Winkler - Milwaukee,Wisconsin

photo by Bryan Mir