Dave Schoepke

About Dave

Dave Schoepke is a consummate professional who has three decades of experience in music. Not only is he getting praise by his collaborators, but he takes great pride and pleasure in helping others who want to make great music learn how. Dave has committed his life to the world of music and music education.

What Makes Dave Special? 

Please enjoy the read, we wanted to include as much “hype and silliness” about Dave but he wouldn’t have anything but “honesty and silliness”.

  • 35 Years of Experience – There is no replacement for longevity and experience. Whether it is doing his own solo creations, working with students to get better at their craft, or touring with one of the many bands he has had the pleasure to work with, Dave has been at the top of his musical game for over three decades.  Ironically, the past 15 years have been the strongest yet and continue to get better with each project.  
  • Extensive Solo Career – There is a saying that those that can’t do, teach… This isn’t referring to Schoepke. Not only has he been drumming at very high levels for multiple decades, he has been involved and responsible for groundbreaking music all while having a passion for helping his students become the best that they want to be.
  • High Level Collaborations – Schoepke has been creating music with some of the biggest names in the industry. His time with Martin Barre from Jethro Tull and his career with the Willy Porter Band, or any one of his other numerous collaborations has developed some amazing pieces of work (again, not his words). Please take some time to review the Discography on the website. The names and wonderful pieces of work can speak for themselves. 

To connect with Dave, just fill out the online form and let’s start doing something great today.