Dave Schoepke

Dave Schoepke is excited to announce the launch of Satellite Music Lessons! With the current pandemic, fears over Covid – 19, and the general uncertainty regarding what is and isn’t allowed these days, Dave is launching worldwide online lessons. If you are interested in learning more about this, or are currently a student and want to continue lessons during this crazy time, reach out today. You can email him at Info@DaveSchoepke.com or use the contact form on his site to get in touch. 

“While some moments build a rhythmic energy, Schoepke is equally comfortable examining sound and texture. Considering the underlying thematic ideas, Schoepke displays sensitivity, inventiveness, and thoughtful development throughout, creating a worthwhile and inspiring listen.”

Modern Drummer

Drums On Low is a drums-only affair that runs a spectrum from hypnotic tribalism to musique concrete and the avant-garde, with nods to modern jazz, rock, and orchestral moments in between. The album is not just a collection of gratuitous drum solos, many of the tracks have a distinct melodic voice highlighting the harmonic richness and depth of each drum.”

Recording Magazine