Dave Schoepke

Tessellated Resonance is the newest album from David Schoepke. His latest collection of drums-only compositions will be available for purchase on Aug. 5th, with pre-orders starting on July 29. Follow the link to preview the new music and purchase your copy of Dave’s latest album. As always, if you want to get in touch with Dave you can email him at Info@DaveSchoepke.com or use the contact form on his site to reach out. 

“While some moments build a rhythmic energy, Schoepke is equally comfortable examining sound and texture. Considering the underlying thematic ideas, Schoepke displays sensitivity, inventiveness, and thoughtful development throughout, creating a worthwhile and inspiring listen.”

Modern Drummer

Drums On Low is a drums-only affair that runs a spectrum from hypnotic tribalism to musique concrete and the avant-garde, with nods to modern jazz, rock, and orchestral moments in between. The album is not just a collection of gratuitous drum solos, many of the tracks have a distinct melodic voice highlighting the harmonic richness and depth of each drum.”

Recording Magazine